Can I Use Bleach in My Hot Tub? – 3 Pros and 3 Cons of Using Household Bleach in Your Hot Tub

use of bleach in a hot tub
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Regular hot tub cleaning is one of the most crucial parts of maintaining your hot tub bacteria free and dust free for a long period.

There are a number of ways to do it.

Also, there are a number of products and chemicals that you can use for cleaning your hot tubs as well.

Usually, people consider chlorine and bromine for cleaning their hot tubs.

But both the chemicals are quite expensive and chlorine can be dangerous for your skin as well.

That is why some hot tub owners prefer to use an easier and safer alternative which is the bleach and it can help you to clean your hot tub for sure.

But, can you safely use the bleach in your hot tub?

Few years back, there was this controversy going on about whether to use bleach in cleaning the hot tubs or not.

Their point of argument is the hot tub is not like a swimming pool or a washing machine where you can abundantly use bleach to clean the hot tub.

Excessive use of bleach can cause damage to the hot tub parts or can also void its warranty in some cases.

The article specifically emphasizes the thing that you should avoid using bleach for cleaning your hot tub.

You should actually use the special cleaning products that are made to clean your hot tubs such as best hot tub cleaner products available online.

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However, you can still use bleach to clean your hot tub in smaller quantities if you don’t have any other cleaning product at the moment at your house.

Just like chlorine and bromine, sometimes you can use bleach for your hot tub cleansing.

If you wish to use it properly, then follow this cleaning procedure.

You can make a diluted bleach solution containing ⅛ cup liquid of Clorox bleach solution to shock your hot tub every week.

However, it won’t be a good choice to use this chemical as a regular sanitizer in your tub for several reasons.

In this article, I have explained important pros and cons of using bleach as your hot tub cleanser.

Apart from that, I have also mentioned some very important things you need to know about using bleach in your spa.

So, keep reading the article till the end!

Why You Should Use Bleach in Your Hot Tub Moderately?

As I mentioned above, you can occasionally use bleach to treat your hot tub water.

But in order to do so, you need to be very careful and have enough knowledge about the chemicals too.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of using bleach in your hot tub.

Let’s take a look at them before deciding whether or not you should use this chemical to clean your hot tub.

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3 Main Advantages of Using Bleach In A Hot Tub

No. 1: Easier to Find and Budget Friendly

One of the major reasons why many people think about using Clorox Bleach Solution to clean their hot tubs is that chlorine and bromine are very expensive.

Also, they are not available everywhere, so you may find it difficult to get them on a regular basis.

On the other hand, bleach is quite cheaper and easier to find.

So, some folks prefer using bleach to occasionally clean their hot tubs.

No. 2: Longer Shelf Life

Household bleach solution such as Clorox, which you’ll be using in the tub, has 5-6% concentration of sodium hypochlorite and water.

This is very similar to what you use to shock your hot tub or pool.

However, the concentration of chlorine in the bleach is much lower than usual and it can increase its shelf life.

No. 3: Unstablized Stabilizer

Unlike dichlor or trichlor that can cause stabilizer buildup in your hot tub, unstablized chlorine like bleach can prevent your tub from chlorine breakouts.

It gives you a much safer and healthier hot tub to soak in.

Well, these are a few reasons why you should use bleach as your occasional hot tub cleanser.

However, as I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t use the chemical as your regular sanitizers.

To back my statement, here are 3 main disadvantages of using bleach in your tub.

3 Main Disadvantages of Using Bleach In A Hot Tub

No. 1: Over Chlorination and No Stabilizer

There is always a fear of overchlorination when you use liquid bleach in your hot tub.

Since liquid bleach has no stabilizer, it can degrade the chlorine particles in your hot tub badly, especially if the tub is placed outdoor.

Overchlorination can cause severe damages not just to the swimmers but also to the tub components.

IMO, no tub owner certainly wants that, am I right?

However, you can use CYA (cyanuric acid) to prevent it.

No. 2: Shorter Shelf Life than Chlorine Granules

In the previous section, we understood that the household bleach has a longer shelf life than the chlorine.

But that was the case with liquid chlorine.

If compared to chlorine granules, liquid bleach has a much shorter shelf life which is not recommended for regular cleaning purpose.

Liquid bleach can start degrading very quickly and if you step in a hot tub with degraded bleach, you are only going to harm yourself.

No. 3: Causes Discoloration to Your Hot Tub

Liquid bleach can cause discoloration to your hot tub and damage its cover as well.

And if you enter the tub just after adding bleach to it, you may also have stains on your suit as well.

None of this is good as per my experience.

After going through the advantages and disadvantages of using bleach to clean your hot tub, I hope you are now able to decide what you want to do.

In my opinion, if you are still not sure whether you should use the chemical to shock your hot tub or not, do not do it.

Instead, you can use bromine or chlorine to regularly clean your hot tub.


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