Can You Use Windex to Clean a Hot Tub? – 4 Simple Steps to Use Windex Cleaner

can you use windex to clean a hot tub
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Regular cleaning of your hot tub is of paramount importance if you want to safeguard your skin health on a long-term basis.

A recent research report about hot tub cleaning clearly mentions that not all disinfectant products are good for your hot tub cleaning purpose.

When mixed with your sweat or urine, they can create more severe health issues for you later on.

Different hot tub users make use of multiple hot tub cleaners for cleaning purposes.

Some hot tub users make use of cleaners consisting of detergents and abrasives while some prefer stuff containing chlorine and bromine.

But in all this, you might wonder if you can use Windex Cleaner to clean your hot tub as well.

In my experience, Windex can be quite effective cleaning product for cleaning your hot tub on a regular basis.

When it comes to removing dirt, debris, and oily film from the surface of your hot tub, Windex is more efficient product and it saves you a great deal of time in cleaning the spa.

However, just like any other cleaning product, this cleaning product, can have a negative effect on your hot tub shells in certain cases.

In the next part of this short guide, I will be going deeper to find how Windex actually works with your hot tub and what is the right approach to use this cleaner with your hot tub.

Before we get to see the simple steps of using Windex to clean your hot tub, it’s important to understand what Windex is and how it works with your hot tub.

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What is a Windex Cleaner?

Windex is a very popular cleaning brand that mostly manufactures liquid glass and metal cleaners.

These cleaners can also be used for cleaning hot tubs.

The cleaning solution of Windex often contains ammonia, abrasives, and fragrances that ensure proper cleaning of your items.

However, I recommend not to use this solution in excess in order to avoid adverse effects on your spa in the long run.

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How Does Windex Work with Your Hot Tub Cleaning?

Windex is used quite frequently for cleaning hot tubs and it has been quite efficient in doing so.

The cleaner has proven to be very effective in removing dirt and debris from different types of hot tubs.

Not just that, it can also help you get rid of that oily film from the outer surfaces of your hot tub.

This will give you a clean and healthy hot tub surface which is also free from bacterial and fungal infections.

But there can be certain consequences if you use excessive amount of Windex solution.

The chemical contained in this cleaner is very strong and can be hazardous if used in a very high quantity or if left for a long time.

Also, leaving any residue of Windex in your hot tub and soaking in it without proper rinsing can cause you certain health issues as well such as eye itching or skin rashes.

At the same time, as I mentioned at beginning of this article, Windex solution can interact with the other chemicals present in your hot tub and react accordingly.

Sometimes, this can lead to a build-up of a gritty film on the shell of your hot tub.

And I’m not exaggerating but it can take you months to get that off your tub.

Another thing you should remember while using Windex is that this cleaning product is not built for heavy-duty cleaning.

So, if your hot tub has large stains or solid build-ups, Windex may not be what you are looking for.

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4 Simple Steps to Clean Your Hot Tub with Windex Cleaner

Now that you know, Windex is overall a good quality product for cleaning your hot tub, it is time to see you can clean your hot tub properly with Windex cleaning solution.

To be frank, cleaning your hot tub using Windex is a very easy and convenient job.

And literally, anyone can do it, even if they don’t have a hot tub at all.

For your convenience, I have split up the whole cleaning process into 4 easy steps that you can follow to complete a full-body cleaning of your spa.

Step 1: First of all, turn off your hot tub completely and drain it properly.

Step 2: Next step is to clean the shells and pillows of your hot tubs.

It is time to spray down their surfaces with the Windex cleaner.

Step 3: After that, wipe and clean those surfaces using a soft towel or a piece of cloth.

Make sure you do this part softly and gently.

Step 4: Finally, spray some water on the surfaces with your garden hose.

After that, clean all the outer the surfaces one more time to make sure the remaining residue of the cleaner is wiped properly.

Again, do this part gently to prevent any scratches on your hot tub.

Once you have done all the above steps, then your hot tub is now neatly cleaned.

In the end, fill your spa with water again and enjoy your relaxing bath in a clean, clear, and healthy hot tub.


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