How to Fix OH Code on Hot Tub – 11 Main Reasons and 5 Easy Steps to Solve OHH Error Code

fix ohh error code in hot tub
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If your hot tub control is displaying the OH error code, it simply means your hot tub is overheating.

And this usually happens when the water temperature goes too high, maybe up to 108° to 118° F, which is considered to be unsafe for your body.

The temperature sensor detects this as an error and hence you see the display of the OH error code on your hot tub.

Now how will you fix this OH error on your hot tub?

In this condition, first, you need to avoid going into the hot tub until the problem is fixed.

First, turn off the heater and open the hot tub cover.

Then, let the excess heat and steam escape for few minutes.

After that, open all the hot tub jets and turn on the circulation pump on high to help disperse the heat and cool the hot tub.

In some cases, you might need to reset the high limit circuit depending on your hot tub type.

But that is usually after the water temperature level is down to 100° F.

Just locate the reset button and reset the hot tub.

Alternatively, if this method doesn’t solve the problem, then you might need to try troubleshooting.

In that case, you will need to clean the hot tub filter and replace the hot tub filter if necessary.

Check the temperature sensor to confirm that there is no sensor issue.

In the end, check the high limit circuits for wire or plug issues.

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That’s all you need to do to fix OH error code on your hot tub.

Now, I will explain more details about this topic in question and if you read this article till the end, then I am sure you will get complete idea about how to prevent this OH error code on your hot tub in future.

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11 Primary Reasons Behind OH Code Fault in a Hot Tub

So, you are now aware that the OH code of your hot tub is an error code for excessive overheating.

It is actually an indicator that the hot tub water is unsafe for your body to take bath.

Overheating occurs mostly due to low water flow (FLO, FLOW, LF).

When there is a slow or not enough flow of water through the heater, the hot tub heater becomes hotter and increases the temperature of the water.

At this point, the hot tub sensors and high limit switch detect this fault and shuts the system down to prevent further problems.

So, here are 11 primary reasons that usually cause low flow of water through hot tub heater and then in turn cause overheating of the tub.  

1. Dirty hot tub filter cartridges

2. Blocked pipes

3. Closed valves or jets

4. Low water level in the hot tub

5. The pump has an airlock

6. Temperature sensor not properly installed

Apart from the low flow of water, there are other causes of OH fault code which include the following reasons.

7. Faulty hot tub thermostat

8. Stuck relay

9. High limit switch problem

10. Circuit board malfunction

11. Temperature sensor problem

The best thing is all these issues can be easily rectified in time.

Simply run some hot tub overheating troubleshooting tests to identify the exact problem.

But I recommend you to perform the testing task through a qualified hot tub technician.

5 Simple Steps to Fix OH Code Error in a Hot Tub

Follow these 5 steps to fix the OH code error on your hot tub and avoid further problems and undesirable situations.

Step 1: Turn Down the Temperature

The overheating sign simply means the hot tub temperature is extremely high at the moment.

And the first thing you should consider is turning down the temperature of your hot tub.

But note that there’s a limit to temperature lowering for this process.

It is advisable to make use of the hot tub manual when performing this process.

This process may take few hours before the hot tub water cools off.

Step 2: Remove the Hot Tub Cover

By removing the hot tub cover, you allow proper air circulation throughout your hot tub.

In this process, any excess heat and steam runs out.

This obviously help in reducing the water temperature.

The high limit switch may need a reset after the water cools down to 100° F.

You will need to reset the circuit from the control panel or push any topside button or the red reset button on the air system to reset.

Step 3: Add More Cold Water to the Hot Tub

Another quick step you can take to cool down the water temperature is by adding more cold water to the hot tub.

You can also add ice to the hot tub water to expedite the cooling process.

This method is better used when the water level in the hot tub is a little lower.

When adding water, make sure not to overfill to avoid putting much pressure on the hot tub filter.

Step 4: Clean Dirt from Hot Tub Filters

Over time, inside and outside dirt and debris can clog the hot tub filters.

This clogging can block water circulation which in turn can cause jets not to work properly.

It results in persistent heating issues and ineffective and temporary solutions.

So, ensure you clean hot tub filters or replace them if necessary.

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Step 5: Get an Experienced Technician to Fix Things

Avoid trying to fix problems yourself if you have zero knowledge about hot tubs.

If you find it difficult to fix the OH code error in your hot tub, then I highly recommend taking help of experienced hot tub technician instead of fixing it yourself.

Certain hot tub electrical faults are best left for qualified hot tub electricians to handle.

Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional person to fix the problem to avoid causing extra damage to your expensive hot tub.

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What is OH Fault Code on a Hot Tub?

The OH, OHH, and OHS are fault codes on a hot tub that simply stands for “overheating”.

The overheating code is an indicator that the hot tub water temperature is unsafe.

This usually occurs when the temperature goes beyond the body safe temperature level of 104° F.

Once the temperature reaches 108° F, your hot tub will automatically enter an emergency cool down mode.

It is at this point that the hot tub starts experiencing a failure of the thermostat control.

If you see this error code and the water temperature is normal (not scorching), it simply means that the temperature sensor has some fault.

Although, this is a rare occurrence but it is most likely to be rectified by replacing the temperature sensor.

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OH errors are common hot tub issues that can occur due to sensor malfunction, electrical issues, plumbing faults, or hot weather conditions.

Some of these faults can be fixed with simple methods and just within a short period of time.

Therefore, if next time your hot tub displays the OH error code, you should not get confused or don’t get panicked at all.

You just have to know that the water temperature is not safe at that time and you should avoid taking bath in your hot tub till the problem gets solved.

Your first step to solving this problem is to identify what’s causing this  problem in the first place.

After that, you need to find a way to lower the water temperature to a safe degree.

You can check timer function and temperature settings.

In this case, you will need to adjust the water temperature level to 98° F or 100° F.

What are the Main Hot Tub Overheating Symptoms?

For some reason, your hot tub at some point can become overheated, especially during the very hot weather days.

That is why most hot tubs are designed not to be used in hot temperature places or locations.

Hot tub thermostats in these extra hot places cannot control temperature properly.

Sometimes it fails to read the temperatures correctly, especially when the temperature goes above the recommended maximum temperature of 104°F.

If your hot tub control doesn’t indicate the overheating code or OHH code, then you can check for some common symptoms.

Technically there are few primary symptoms that can prove that your hot tub is overheating and it needs to be corrected in time.

There are 3 common symptoms which are as mentioned below.

1. Increase in electricity usage

2. Excessive steam coming out of the water

3. Heating components are even hotter when not in use.

For the above symptoms, the thermostat needs to be turned down.

You also need to remove the hot tub cover removed for proper ventilation.

Another symptom of hot tub overheating that you can consider is the effect of overheating on your body.

The hot tub experience can be extremely comfortable and soothing for your body only when you follow proper precautions before bathing.

There are quite a few hot tub safety rules which you should know and follow in order to prevent any potential health problems.

Medically, hyperthermia is a condition that leads to an abnormal increase in your body temperature.

And usually the high intensity activities that involve exercises in a warm environment have a high tendency to increase the risk of this condition.

Using a hot tub with a temperature above 104°F can raise your body temperature faster.

This can increase the symptoms from mild ones to severe ones which in turn can become deadly in more serious situations.

These symptoms of overheating can develop immediately or within hours or days.

The primary symptoms of Hyperthermia are as follows.  

1. Excessive sweating

2. Headache

3. Dizziness

4. Muscle cramps

5. Weakness

6. Intense thirst etc.

If you observe any case of hyperthermia while in a hot tub, you should immediately leave the hot tub and look for a cool place with good airflow.

If heat cramp symptoms persist after an hour, then it is important for you to seek medical attention.

How Do I Reset My Hot Tub Control Panel?

If your hot tub control panel is displaying error messages or flickering lights, you might need to reset the control panel.

Sometimes it may be as easy as just pressing the reset button.

And other times it might be a serious issue that would require the help of a professional hot tub technician.

There are basically two scenarios that indicate the control panel is faulty and needs a reset. 

1. If the control panel is displaying an error message

Sometimes, the control panel shows an error code when there’s no fault.

In some cases, it keeps displaying the error message even after the problem has been fixed.

In this situation, you can try resetting the control panel to clear the message.

2. If the control panel has a crash

This could be a result of software error or software crash as the control panel is a small computer.

Depending on how serious the fault is, you may need just to reboot and reset, or to repair and even replace it if there’s excessive damage.

If you notice any of the two scenarios in your hot tub control panel, your first step should be to reset the control panel.

The most common way is to switch it off and on again.

Switch off the hot tub entirely and ensure the power is completely off.

Leave it off for about 10 to 20 seconds for data to clear then turn it on again.

You may also need to long-press two different buttons on the control panel or run a press on a series of buttons.

Any of these methods will help solve the problem.


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