How to Jack up a Hot Tub? – 2 Easy Methods to Lift Your Spa at Home

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Hot tubs make your backyard look more beautiful.

But they are also very bulky in terms of weight and volume.

So, if you want to move them from one place to another for either their repair or just to clean the area beneath them, the task isn’t going to be a cakewalk for you.

However, the good news is that jacking up your favorite heavy hot tub isn’t that hard either, provided you have few tricks at your disposal.

In this quick guide, I have explained 2 good and efficient methods of jacking up a hot tub.

The first method involves usage of a flat pry bar and the second method includes the use of car jack.

These two methods will surely help you jack up your hot tub without damaging your expensive tub.

Now, let’s take a thorough look at both the methods one by one in this article ahead.

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3 Important Steps to Follow Before Jacking up a Hot Tub

Below, I have mentioned two helpful methods of jacking up your hot tub.

But before you go jack up your hot tub, it is important to first follow the below mentioned 3 steps so that you won’t damage your hot tub during the jacking up procedure.

Step 1: Drain the Hot Tub or Spa before Lifting it

Let’s talk about some common sense now.

When your hot tub or spa is full of water, it is indeed heavy in weight.

And it is much more difficult to jack a tub full of water than jacking up an empty one.

That is why you should always drain the hot tub properly before jacking it up.

Step 2: Make Sure Hot Tub is Disconnected from Power Source

You don’t want to mess up with the electricity unless you are a pro electrician yourself.

That’s why it is important that you power off the tub and disconnect it from any power source before trying to jack it up.

Step 3: Do not Lift the Spa from the Cladding Alone

You may think that it’d be convenient to lift your hot tub from the cladding.

But if you know the basic physics, you’d know that this will put more pressure on the cladding which it may not endure.

And ultimately, it might get broken in the process.

So, avoid lifting your hot tub from its cladding before you jack it up.

Now that you are familiar with the do’s and don’ts of jacking up a hot tub, let’s take a look at the 2 main methods of jacking up your spa.

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2 Main Methods of Jacking up Your Hot Tub

Method 1: Using a Flat Pry Bar

The first method we’ll be looking at for jacking up a hot tub requires a flat pry bar.

Once you have 3-4 such pry bars, then slide them under the spa on either of its sides to lift the tub about ¼ inches from the ground.

After sliding the bar on one side, slide the other bar on the other side of the tub and repeat the process to all four sides to jack up the tub.

Using this method, you can also place a hot tub cover lifter under the tub if you want.

Usually, any flat pry bar will be enough to complete this procedure.

However, I would recommend to use a long-handled pry bars to get the best results.

If this method doesn’t work for you, you can try the second method mentioned below to jack up your hot tub.

Method 2: Using a Car Jack

You might wonder why on the earth would one use a car jack for lifting a hot tub.

But to be very honest, it’s one of the best ways to get the optimum results without damaging your precious tub.

The only challenge in this method is that you will need something strong to position the jack under the hot tub.

Once you have the car jack and the positioning item ready, look for a ledge or lip along the sides of the tub where you can position the jack.

After positioning the jack under the ledge, pump the handle until the spa is lifted high enough to slide your cover lifter plates under.

Repeat the process to all four sides of the tub until the tub is raised to the height you wanted.

You may need to use multiple car jacks for this task if you wish to jack your hot tub higher than normal level.

I also recommend to watch the following short video to understand how you can make use of jack and dolleys to life up your hot tub and move it your specified location.


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