How to Lower Stabilizer in a Hot Tub? – 2 Safe Methods to Reduce Cyanuric Acid Level in a Hot Tub

how to lower stabilizer level of hot tub
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Cyanuric acid, also known as chlorine stabilizer or just a stabilizer, is a very important chemical in your hot tub chemistry.

This element specifically protects the chlorine particles in your hot tub from getting damaged by the ultra violet light that breaks chlorine and make it inefficient.

Your hot tub stabilizer makes sure that the chlorine present in your hot tub does its work properly, which is to kill bacteria and other contaminants from your hot tub.

However, you should always be careful about the concentration of the stabilizer in your hot tub.

Excessive amount of the chemical in your hot tub can be deadly, literally.

It can also cause severe skin issues like rashes, itching, red spots, and other health issues you don’t like to suffer from.

But what if your tub already has a high stabilizer concentration?

Well, in that case, you must lower it as soon as possible.

And how would you do that?

Keep reading this article to further understand the whole issue.

In this article ahead, I have explained 2 very important methods of lowering stabilizer in your hot tub which you definitely need to know.

The cheapest and the easiest method of all is to drain and refill the hot tub.

Honestly, there is nothing you can add to your tub to lower its stabilizer concentration, except the fresh water.

And the other methods are a bit time consuming and labor intensive.

That is why if you were already thinking of changing your hot tub water and suddenly you find the concentration of stabilizer in it a bit high, now would be the best time to do it.

However, draining and refilling the tub might not be a very good option when you have recently changed the water of the tub.

Don’t worry though, in the next section, I have some other methods that will help you lower the stabilizer in your hot tub.

Continue reading this article to understand the topic at hand.

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How to Test Stabilizer Level in a Hot Tub?

Before we head to the methods of lowering the level of stabilizer in your hot tub, you first should know when can you say that the concentration of the chemical is high.

For this, you need to know what is the regular level of stabilizer in your hot tub.

Preferably, your hot tub should have 30-50 PPM of stabilizer in it for the best effect.

Concentration lower than 30 PPM indicates low stabilizer in the tub while concentration above 50 is considered high.

The easiest way for testing the stabilizer level in your hot tub is by using a hot tub test strip.

First, get a test strip designed for stabilizer i.e. cyanuric acid and then submerge the strip into the hot tub water for a certain time period.

Now, take out the strip and wait for a few seconds for the test strip to change its color a bit.

After that, on the basis of colors, determine the level of stabilizer in your hot tub and take further actions as required.

I recommend to check out the following short video tutorial to understand how you can easily check the cyanuric acid level in your hot tub water.

If your hot tub has high stabilizer, follow the methods laid down in the next section to lower it.

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2 Main Methods to Lower Stabilizer in Your Hot Tub

To be frank, there are only two effective ways to lower the level of stabilizer in your hot tub.

The first one involves draining the tub and the second one involves the use of chemicals.

Let’s take a look at both the methods one by one.

Method 1: By Diluting the Hot Tub

Dilution is considered the cheapest and the most effective method for lowering the level of cyanuric acid in your hot tub.

In this process, you first need to test the hot tub water and then drain a certain amount of water from the hot tub.

After that, refill the tub with fresh water.

You can also turn on the jest of the tub on to circulate the water more efficiently.

Doing this will make the cyanuric acid present in the hot tub dissolve with the fresh water added.

As a result, your hot tub stabilizer level will be lowered gradually.

Method 2: Using a Cyanuric Acid Reducer

Although I personally do not prefer using too much chemicals in my hot tub, you might need to do it in some cases.

For example, if the stabilizer level of your hot tub is too high and can’t be lowered by diluting the tub, then you can use a cyanuric acid reducer to get the work done.

Just add the chemical to your hot tub and wait for a few hours to make sure everything is safe.

Again, using chemical reducers in your hot tub is not my preferred method.

But if you have no other options left, this method can be helpful.

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I hope I have covered everything you needed to know about lowering the level of stabilizer in your hot tub.

Before doing anything, make sure to test the level of the cyanuric acid in the hot tub first as mentioned above.

Also, use chemical reducers only when it is very important and there is no other option for you.


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