Why Does My Intex Hot Tub Keep Shutting Off – 3 Main Reasons and 3 Simple Solutions

intex hot tub keeps shutting off
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Are you also a hot bath lover like me?

I like to enjoy the soothing hot bath in my newly bought Intex hot tub, especially when it’s the winter season.

When it’s so cold outside, the enjoyment just increases in this hot tub.

But not every hot tub can give you the same experience.

For my personal bath, I like to have the Intex hot spa with me.

It is a well designed, high-tech tub and provides you enough comfort to enjoy yourself when you are soaking in the hot tub.

But being a machine, it is not always a smooth experience for you.

Sometimes, the machine starts showing some side effects that might put in a bit of trouble for you.

For example, one issue that I have to face quite frequently with my Intex hot tub is that it keeps shutting off in between its running time.

And it is really a tedious and cumbersome experience for me to say.

So, why does my Intext hot tub keep shutting off?

And what are the ways you can fix it?

The most common reason why your Intex hot tub keeps shutting off is the power supply issue.

If the hot tub is not properly connected to a power supply, it will keep shutting off in between running time.

And it may cause you lots of trouble in between your bathing time.

To fix the issue, you can make sure the hot tub is plugged into its power source appropriately.

And if you are still facing the issue, call the Intex support team and let them know about the problem you are facing.

They will get it solved asap.

You can even get a new hot tub in replacement provided your hot tub is no older than 2 years.

You should also have the purchase receipt with you in a good condition at the time of new replacement.

So, this was one of the main causes and I have provided its solution here.

But there are other important issues also that cause the shutting off of your Intex hot tub.

Well, I recommend reading this article entirely to understand the main reasons and their simple solutions to fix those problems on your own.

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3 Main Reasons Behind Automatic Shut Off of Your Intex Hot Tub

No one wants to experience any trouble while they are having a good time in the hot relaxing water in their favorite Intex hot tub.

But things happen, and you need to fix them up.

Below, I have mentioned all the possible reasons that are causing your Intex hot tub to keep shutting off in its running time.

Let’s have a detailed look at the 3 main reasons.

Reason 1: Excessive Moisture

One possible reason that is causing your Intex hot tub to go off frequently when it’s running is the presence of excessive moisture inside the tub.

The presence of excessive moisture inside the tub may cause its GFCI to flip.

When you soak inside it, water is splashed.

This splashed water, rainwater, or flooding are the major factors for the presence of excess moisture inside the tub.

Well, it’s quite simple to check if it is the cause of your issue.

Just hold a torch and light inside the hot tub to see whether there is moisture or not.

Reason 2: Damaged Wiring

Another thing that can cause your Intex spa to shut off every time when you try to run it, is the damaged wiring.

It’s a common yet fairly neglected cause that many people don’t care about.

If something like this happens to your hot tub, make sure to check if every wiring thing in the tub is done properly.

Look for char marks and breaks and ensure complete snugness.

Damaged wiring can also be of different types.

For example, a wiring short circuit is also damaged wiring and can make your hot tub stop working when it is running well.

A short circuit happens when two open wires having a power supply come in contact with each other.

The opposite charges of the wires collide and cause a short circuit.

The issue looks small but can lead to massive damage to both your body and the tub.

Reason 3: Poor Water Pump Functioning

Yes, if you have a poor-quality pump with your smart Intex hot tub, it is possible that you experience a sudden shut-off issues with the machine.

Due to less power, the pump sometimes becomes incapable of pumping enough water to the tub, causing the issue.

3 Simple Solutions to Fix the Auto Shut Off Issue of Intex Hot Tub

So you are now aware of the 3 major possible reasons that can cause your Intex hot tub to shut off while running.

Things have become quite easy now.

Once you know the cause, treating it becomes much easier.

Below, I have mentioned 3 easiest and the most convenient solutions that I have gathered up after doing deep research, especially for you.

Apply them one by one and check which one works for you.

Solution 1: Dry out the Interior

If the accumulation of excessive moisture inside your hot tub is the reason for your issue, luckily, we have a solution.

To fix the issue, you can try dry out the interior of your breaker box using a soft material like a towel.

You can also bring a dehumidifier or a fan close to the outlet to dry it up.

Once you are done with that, reset the hot tub to get everything in its place again.

Solution 2: Ensure Proper Wiring

If a short circuit or damaged wiring is causing your Intex hot tub to shut off every time, you can fix it quite simply.

All you need to do is to find which of the wires is damaged or chewed.

In some cases, wires are chewed by mice and get damaged, leading to this issue.

The wires may be improperly connected in some cases.

You can fix your wiring properly depending on the cause.

But before connecting the wires, make sure to dissemble all the components of the hot tub and flip it to check the wiring.

Solution 3: Choose a Better Water Pump

Sometimes,  the bad pump in your Intex hot tub is responsible for the sudden shut off of the tub when it is running.

In this case, you should replace the old pump with the new one to make your hot tub working more efficiently.

Click Here to Get a New Hot Tub Water Pump Replacement.

So, these are the 3 best solutions you can apply to your Intex hot tub to get everything fixed.

In case the issue still goes on, you must call the company support team of Intex to get the best advice and troubleshooting.

You can also get a new hot tub replacement from Intex if your hot tub is not older than 2 years.

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Why Does My Intex Hot Tub Keep Tripping?

Another issue that I and many of the Intex hot tub owners have to face is the issue of tripping.

So, why does my Intex hot tub keep tripping whenever I want to make it ready for my hot bath?

After several hours of online research, I have found a few reasons that are causing the hot tub tripping issue.

I have also provided a simple solution to fix this problem once and for all.

Reason 1: Malfunctioning Hot Tub Components

Yes, damaged or worn out components of Intex hot tub can cause tripping.

Every hot tub or spa comes along with multiple electrical components such as a heater and a control panel.

And you know, electrical things can malfunction after several months of usage.

However, the solution is easy.

You just need to isolate that component and replace it with a new one.

But you will need to disassemble as many components as possible from the GFCI before isolating the malfunctioning part.

Reason 2: Damaged GFCI breaker

A ground fault circuit interrupter, aka GFCI, is a device that protects your hot tub from unusual fluctuations or deviations in the power supply.

When it detects any unusual supply or fluctuation in the circuit, it cuts off the whole circuit, ensuring there is no power supplied to your spa.

But when it is worn out or damaged, then it can lead to your hot tub tripping all the time.

And it’s more severe than you are thinking.

In this case, you need to immediately replace the old GFCI breaker with the new one.

Click Here to Get a new GFCI Breaker for Your Intex Hot Tub.

A Simple Solution to Fix Hot Tub Tripping Issue

Well, I have found one simple solution to this issue.

Detach all the components of the GFCI and then reset the tub using the manual instructions.

If the tub is still tripping even without any components attached, it is faulty and you will need to replace it with a new one.

In case, if these solutions don’t work with your hot tub and it is still tripping, contacting the official support team of Intex is surely the best thing you can do.  

Why Does My Intex Hot Tub Keep Beeping?

The advanced control panel of the Intex hot tub is pre-programmed with different codes.

When something unusual happens with your spa, the control panel starts displaying a code continuously along with an irritating beep sound.

A few codes I have seen on the tubs control panel are E90, E91, and E92.

Different codes stand for different problems in your hot tub.

For example, the E90 code indicates that there is no or too low water flow through the tub.

This E90 error code is also displayed when the filter is clogged, or the hoses are blocked.

To stop the irritating beeping sound of the tub, you will need to perform the following things.

1. Make sure the filter is clean.

2. Ensure the pool is running well and is clean.

3. Check whether the flow sensor is working properly and it is completely clean.

4. Check if the water inlet and the water outlet hoses are connected in the proper direction.

If not, connect them properly.

Similarly, E91 error code is displayed when there is low salt level in the tub.

The salt level must be more than 2500 ppm.

And E92 error code is shown when there is too much salt level in your Intex hot tub.

You can always check the salt level of your hot tub with a reliable salt test kit and stabilize the right salt level in your hot tub.

Doing this will help you solve the problem most of the time.

In case it doesn’t, contact the customer care team of Intex and they will solve the problem as soon as possible.

4 Simple Steps to Reset an Intex Hot Tub

Resetting your Intex hot tub is essential to solve certain hot tub issues.

Follow the below mentioned 4 easy steps to reset your Intex hot tub when it is necessary.

1. Find the hot tub high limit reset button that looks like a red button.

2. Hold and press the high limit reset button for a few seconds.

3. Power on your Intex hot tub and observe its process.

4. Flip the breaker panel switch on or click the reset button on the GFCI outlet to reset your hot tub quickly.

Once you reset your spa, you are giving your spa a whole new life.

Indeed, it is very important to keep resetting your Intex spa at regular periods to improve your Intex hot tub performance.








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