1 Pump vs 2 Pumps Hot Tub – 3 Important Differences to Help You Choose the Right Hot Tub

1 pump vs 2 pump hot tubs
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Recently I have come across a research paper published by mdpi.com.

According to this research data, pumping systems account for the consumption of above 22% of the total energy consumed by electrical motors.

The research paper also concludes that while most of the pumping units are still using drives without variable speed control.

However, in some countries, more than 20% of the pumping systems have speed variable control systems.

Also, while most hot tub owners still prefer single-pump motors for their hot tub, there has been recorded a significant hike in the purchase of 2-pump hot tubs in recent years.

Now, having all these stats here, you may wonder whether you should go for a 1-pump hot tub or a 2-pump hot tub.

If you are too in this dilemma, then you are not alone for sure.

In this article, I will help you understand the key differences between 1-pump hot tubs and 2-pump hot tubs in an easy manner.

My objective in this article is enable you to make a decision regarding which type of hot tub you want for yourself.

So, let’s start.

The first and the most common difference between 1-pump hot tubs and 2-pump hot tubs is that the former works harder than the latter.

Yes, in most hot tubs that have only a single pump, both water circulation and jet power are controlled by that one pump.

On the other hand, 2-pump hot tubs have two different pumps attached, each working differently.

In such spas, the first pump is usually a low-power pump that circulates water and the other one is more powerful, which basically controls the jets.

Well, this is just one difference between the two types of hot tubs.

In the further sections of the article, I have mentioned 3 important differences that will help you pick the most suitable hot tub for you.

3 Key Differences Between 1-Pump Hot Tubs and 2-Pumps Hot Tubs

Here are 3 main differences between a regular 1 pump hot tub and a 2-pump hot tub.

Difference No. 1: Jet Control

One of the major differences between single-pump hot tubs and 2 pump hot tubs is their jet control.

In the former, there are only a few jets can be installed and all of them are controlled by 1 pump.

This is good if you have a small-sized hot tub for your personal use.

On the other hand, two-pump hot tubs are usually found in the bigger hot tubs where there are multiple jets.

In such spas, each of the two tubs is assigned to control a certain set of jets.

They usually are on one side of the tub, and the other manages the other set.

If you are looking to get a big family tub, a 2-pump hot tub will be a better option.

Difference No. 2: Jet Power

Another basis on which you can differentiate between 1-pump hot tubs and 2-pump hot tubs is the power of the jets in the tub.

The power of your hot tub pump determines its jet power.

In single-pump tubs, since there are not so many jets installed, you can use a low-power pump without any issues.

However, this might cost you a hefty electricity fees in return.

On the other hand, since there are multiple jets installed in 2-pump hot tubs, you will need a more powerful pump to operate things properly.

This can increase your relaxation a bit and cost you less than the former.

However, it can be very annoying if the design of your hot tub is not good.

Difference No. 3: Speed

Another thing you might want to consider while choosing the best pump for your hot tub is its speed.

Earlier, hot tub pumps had only one speed at which the water would be circulated throughout the tub.

But with the advancement in technology nowadays, you can see hot tubs having pumps with multiple speed controls.

In single-pump tubs, it’s always good to have a two-speed variable control so that you can lower the water circulation speed of your tub when it’s not being used.

On the other hand, 2-pump hot tubs already have two different pumps designed to perform the tasks so you won’t need a speed variable control mandatory in such type of spa.

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My Final Verdict

If you ask my opinion about which one is better between two hot tubs – 1 pump hot tub or 2-pumps hot tub, then my answer would be it all depends on your preference and budget constraints.

Both types of hot tubs have their own pros and cons in terms of electricity usage and water circulation.

If you are predetermined to buy a single-pump hot tub for yourself, I can’t say that it’s a bad choice.

Similarly, if you’re planning to buy a 2-pump hot tub for your family, it’s not a bad thing either.

However, I would recommend to choose a single pump hot tub if you are a small family and don’t need advanced features in your tub.

If you are looking for advanced features with a big sized hot tub for large family members to bath together, then certainly go for a 2-pump hot tub.

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