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How to Fix DR Code on Hot Tub – 8 Main Issues and 4 Easy Steps to Solve Dry Error in a Hot Tub

fix dr code on hot tub
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The DR error code that appears on hot tubs is an indication that there is not enough water flowing through the hot tub heater.

And this is commonly caused by clogged debris and internal blockages.

This DR error code can be easily fixed by simply topping up the hot tub water level.

You can also run other simple hot tub troubleshooting steps if the water level is okay.

However, before you do this troubleshooting, it is important to turn off the GFI.

You also need to disconnect the hot tub heater and water pump power manually.

If the water level is okay, then check the cartridge filters and clean them properly.

It is essential to make sure they’re in good condition and not responsible for the DR error code on your hot tub.

Also, check that the jets are not filled with the debris and that the valves are all correctly closed.

You may also need to inspect the suction fitting and skimmer and be sure they have no blockages at all.

The DR code can also appear if there is an air trapped inside the hot tub pump.

This problem usually happens after refilling the hot tub.

In this case, you will have to get rid of the air by loosening one of the pump connections and letting the air escape.

Once the air has been released, close back the connection and restart the hot tub heater and pump.

In most cases, the DR error code now stops showing on your hot tub screen.

However, if the error code still displays, then in that case, I recommend to consult a hot tub professional to fix this problem.

For more information on how to solve DR error code on your hot tub, you will need to read this article entirely.

So, let us get started.

Table of Contents

8 Main Reasons Behind DR Code Error in a Hot Tub

The Dr code error is displayed on a hot tub screen when there isn’t enough water in the hot tub or the heater has no water at all.

This DRY error if not fixed in time, it may damage the hot tub in the long run.

In most cases, the possible reason behind the display of the DR error code in a hot tub is caused by clogged filters which hinder the flow of water.

As a result of this, the system detects the heater to be dry and shuts it down.

There are 8 possible reasons behind DR code error in a hot tub which are as follows.

1. The water level is low.

2. Suction fitting is blocked.

3. The skimmer is blocked.

4. The filter is dirty and clogged.

5. Heat related pump not properly running or not running at all.

6. Heat related pump is not primed properly.

7. Hot tub Jets are filled with debris and closed.

8. Valves are not correctly closed.

4 Easy Steps to Fix the DR Error Code in Your Hot Tub

Follow these 4 simple steps to solve the DR error code issue in your hot tub.

1. Check Water Level

If your hot tub water level is low, the DR error code will be displayed for sure.

So, your first troubleshooting step will be to check the water level in the hot tub and top it up if the water isn’t enough.

Then check if this clears the error code.

2. Check if Hot Tub Has Several Closed Jets

If you’ve checked the water level and if it is fine, then you need to check that the hot tub does not have many jets closed.

Water flows through the jets and won’t be properly dispensed if the jets are closed or clogged.

Start by turning off the GFCI breaker.

Then open the closed jets and turn on the hot tub.

If jets are blocked by debris, clear them out and be sure they’re open.

This will help solve the problem of the DRY error code.

3. Check Hot Tub Cartridge Filters and Valves

After the above step, you can check out the hot tub valves and make sure they are not clogged or closed.

Similarly, confirm that the hot tub filters are not clogged by dirt.

If it is so, then it is essential to clean the filters or replace them if necessary.

Turn on the hot tub to confirm if the error code is cleared.

Click Here if You want to Replace Old Hot Tub Cartridge Filters with the New Ones.

4. Call a Hot Tub Professional

If after trying out all the 3 steps above, still you can’t solve the DR error code, then you need to get help from a professional.

Get in touch with an experienced hot tub technical person who will help you fix the problem and solve the DRY error from your hot tub quickly.

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What is a DR or Dry Code on a Hot Tub?

The error codes such as DR or DRY is a warning sign on the hot tubs.

This error code indicates that there is no water in the hot tub heater or there is an air trapped inside the pump.

Air traps in pumps usually occur after the hot tub is refilled.

The error code issue commonly occurs when there’s debris in jets, dirty or clogged filters, and blockages in the suction fitting or skimmer.

The DR will display if there is little or no water flowing through the hot tub heater.

In this case, the heater is said to be dry.

Safety sensors, however, automatically detect this issue and then the heater gets shut down.

According to a section of hot tub troubleshooting guide by poolandspa, dry hot tubs can become dangerously hot and require an instant examination.

A quick fix for these error codes is troubleshooting the unit.

However, a manual disconnection of the pump power should be done first before starting any troubleshooting.

Why Does My Hot Tub Keep Saying DR?

The hot tub water heater maintains the normal water temperature which is needed for bath in the hot tub.

The hot tub heater tube contains an electric heating element.

Most hot tubs pump water through this heater tube to warm the water as it recirculates.

If the heater has little or no water, it becomes dry.

The safety sensors will automatically detect this error.

Thus, it displays the DR error code which you see on your hot tub.

So, if your hot tub is displaying the DR error code, it’s a sign that there’s an issue with the water flow or there’s no water in the heater tube.

Check the hot tub water level and top it up to the normal level.

It is also important to check for anything that can cause blockage of water flow.

Check for any signs of clogged filters and closed valves.

You should make sure that there is not any leakage in these valves and filters.

Once you make sure everything is fine, then this troubleshooting will help you solve the DR error code.

However, if the code still shows up after these steps, then you need to contact your hot tub professional.







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